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Water Damage Restoration in Clifton, NJ

Any water damage event, regardless of the scale, is destructive. Water damage can result from burst pipes, leaking water heaters, renovation mistakes, fire extinguishing, or floods. Usually, water damages due to floods are the most dangerous because they happen on a large scale and can have bacteria. Regardless of the cause of water damage, you should respond to it immediately. The water damage restoration should commence as soon as possible to avoid potential related risks.

Why You Need to Act Fast

Floodwater can get to the basement, where it weakens the building structure. Ignoring the situation can only escalate the problem. It can also seep into floorboards and walls, creating conducive conditions for fungus and mold growth. These microorganisms produce spores that compromise indoor air quality. Other water damage may include wood floors warping, rotting of walls, peeling paint, and other damages.

Flood Damage Repair Services

You can decide whether you can remove flood water from your property by yourself or call water removal services. That depends on the scale of water damage and equipment you have. In some cases, you may not need water extraction pros for leaking water heaters and burst pipes, if you respond on time. Keep in mind that extensive damage should only be handled by water damage restoration professionals. Regardless of the scale of water damage, it is better to call a professional.

Apart from property damage, flood water can pose health risks. Dangerous biological contaminants, including bacteria and viruses, are likely in the floodwater. There is also a possibility of electrocution due to faulty wiring. You also may not have the skills and experience needed for flood restoration.

Water Damage Restoration Steps

Flood water damage mitigation is an involved process that requires experts. Water mitigation professionals have hands-on experience, protective gear, and equipment needed for emergency water removal. They usually follow these five steps:

Checking for Damage

This step involves inspecting and assessing the extent of damage, contamination level, and water source. Water damage has four levels, ranging from Level 1 to level 4. Level 1 is minor damage that you can resolve through DIY methods, but still it is better to consider water removal services.

Level 4 water damage means there is massive destruction. That means water has been absorbed into the flooring and sheetrock that requires an advanced approach using professional equipment. Usually, you will need water damage restoration services in this case.

After determining the extent of water damage, the specialist will tell you the approximate time and cost of restoring your home.

Water Removal / Extraction

The next step in the water restoration process is to remove the standing water through extraction. A water extraction team can use submersible pumps, truck-mounted vacuums, and/or portable wet/dry vacuums. The equipment choice depends on the extent of damage, as well as the accessibility of the property.

Cleanup And Sanitizing

The cleaning process is done by specialists with knowledge of safety and sanitization requirements. That is to prevent introducing other hazards to your property. They may use spray and wiping, dry cleaning, or wet cleaning. Some other cleaning techniques they may use include abrasion and immersion cleaning.

Cleaning also involves the removal of any permanently damaged items. This can include sections of drywall, which are then replaced once the property is fully cleaned and dried.


This is a very essential step in any water damage remediation process. Your home may look fine after extracting all standing water, but many surfaces will still be moist. If left undried, they may warp, break, or grow mold. The water damage restoration specialists will inspect the moisture levels in the walls, floors, and other surfaces. Appropriate equipment is used to dry and dehumidify the impacted areas.

Final Inspection

The last step in the water damage restoration process is the final inspection. Once again, the hired water remediation contractor inspects your property and recommends the next step to follow. The specialists may advise you to do drywall repair, carpet cleaning, mold remediation, and reconstruction of severely affected structures. That, however, depends on the level of water damage.

Clifton Water Damage Mitigation

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Clifton is the go-to service provider for water removal services in Clifton. The firm serves residential and commercial customers in Clifton, NJ, and nearby areas in Passaic County, NJ. With a team of water damage remediation experts that use state-of-the-art equipment, we will respond on time and report to the scene to start the water restoration process.

Our restoration partner is Flood Damage Pro, a local company specializing in fast and effective restorations for all kinds of water damage scenarios, from big to small. This partnership ensures a prompt, professional response to your emergency and allows greater availability for all of our customers.

Do not hesitate to reach out because we guarantee the best water damage mitigation and restoration service. At Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Clifton, your safety comes first.

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