Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is a time for fresh starts and renewal, and what better way to enjoy the season than by cleaning everything inside and out? There are interesting roots to spring-cleaning. It is often linked to the Persian New Year, when "shaking the house" was a popular thing to do. Every society does it, and the goal is the same: to get rid of the old and make room for the new. Here's how Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Clifton makes this tradition a new and better experience for your home.

Cleaning Your Carpet is a Step Toward Being Clean

Your carpet is like a big filter in your home. It picks up all kinds of things, from dust to germs. This carpet gets clogged up in the winter. Professional carpet cleaning gets deep into the fibers of the carpet to get rid of both the dirt that you can see and the tiny germs that can make your family sick. Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Clifton not only cleans your carpets with eco-friendly products but also protects them so they look great for longer. Did you know that clean carpets can make the air inside your home better? It's real. Once you get rid of those pollutants, the air and your home will smell better.

Tips from Experts on How to do a Thorough Spring-Clean

  • Start by getting rid of stuff: cleaning your home will allow you to take your time compared wardrobe of a home that is not cluttered. Simply put, getting rid of clutter provides a lot of space.
  • Focus on one room at a time: by doing so, you will not lose your "balance about a room", and all of them will be tended to.
  • Get Professional Help: hiring such services as Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Clifton will save you time because experienced professionals will do it for you. Your carpets will be more thoroughly cleaned.

Upholstery Cleaning: Bring Your Favorite Places to Relax Back to Life

Our couches and chairs are more than just things we use; they're places where we live. Our furniture soaks up more than just spills and spots. It also takes in body oils and dead skin cells from those marathon Netflix sessions and heart-to-heart talks. Oh no, right? If you don't clean your upholstered furniture often, studies show that it can become a haven for allergens and germs. Professional upholstery services from Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Clifton do more than just remove spots. They also deep-clean, getting rid of allergens and making your furniture look and smell clean. Picture sitting on your couch and feeling like it's brand new. That's how we want you to feel.

Water Damage Restoration

When the ground thaws in the spring, it can sometimes bring bad shocks like leaks or floods. In a short amount of time, a small leak can cause gallons of water to be lost and a lot of damage. Damage from water isn't just an annoyance; it can be the start of big problems like mold growth and building problems. Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Clifton is an expert at fixing water damage and can get rid of the water, dry out your house, and fix any damage quickly and well. This keeps your home from getting moldy and also keeps it in good shape.

Tests and Inspections for Mold

Because mold grows best in damp, warm places, your home after a rainy spring is a great place for it to grow. Mold isn't always bad for you, but black mold is very dangerous to your health. These problems can be stopped before they get worse by testing and inspecting for mold on a regular basis. This keeps the air in your home safe to breathe. Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Clifton uses new methods to find mold, which helps you take care of any problems quickly. Keeping your home free of mold is good for your health and keeps your property's value.

Cleaning Up Mold: Bringing Back Health

It can be scary to find mold in your home, but the problem can be solved with the right steps. Cleaning up mold isn't enough; you have to get rid of the mold fully and take steps to keep it from coming back. For this process to work, you need both special tools and knowledge. Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Clifton provides full mold removal services, which not only get rid of the mold in your home but also keep it from growing back. This peace of mind is very important, especially for families with kids who are still young or people who have allergies.

Why Should You Hire Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Clifton?

It's not enough to just pick Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Clifton as your service provider. We really care about how clean and healthy your home is. Our modern cleaning methods and eco-friendly cleaning products will ensure that your home is not only clean but also healthy.

When you hire us to clean your carpets in the spring, your home will feel brighter, cleaner, and more alive. Are you ready to welcome spring with a clean house? Let's start making your home shine right away by calling 973-692-6090.

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