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Black Mold Explained

Mold is a common problem in many households. It can be unappealing and even potentially dangerous, especially when it is black mold. Black mold is a type of fungus that can cause serious health issues and should be taken seriously. In this article, we will explain the causes of black mold, the health risks associated with it, and the best ways to get rid of it.

How Common Is Black Mold

The more time you spend with mold, the greater the danger to your physical health. One such harmful mold is black mold. Toxic black mold or Stachybotrys chartarum is dangerous and a common problem in most households. You can find several types of mold which can make a home in your attic, basement, and other areas.

What Is the Time Duration for Black Mold to Grow?

The worst part, it won't take much time for these fungi in your home to multiply. Black mold spores grow on damp surfaces and multiply within 24 to 48 hours. Soon, these spores spread in the entire vicinity. From your walls to your roofs, nothing remains safe. At times, toxic mold starts to eat the material it grows on. All these things weaken the structure of your residence.

So, when you spot black spots on any walls or ceilings, call for help at 973-692-6090. Timely mold treatment will make your life less complicated.

Health Risks of Black Mold

Symptoms of Black Mold Exposure

Water leakages and water damage results in the creation of toxic black fungus. It harms you and your home. There are numerous health effects, including respiratory diseases, chronic coughing, sneezing, eye irritation, formation of mucous in the nose and throat, rashes, fatigue, headaches, persistent body aches, and even allergic reactions. You will feel a certain level of discomfort in your home. All these black mold symptoms indicate the presence of mold. Even if there are no visible patches, it doesn't mean your home is free of mold. There could be hidden mold in any corner. There might be microscopic spores in the air. These are not visible to the naked eye but cause extended harm.

Can Black Mold Kill You?

Are you thinking can black mold kill you? No doubt mold is dangerous to one's health, but it is still not deadly enough to kill you. Moreover, not everyone feels sick due to the presence of mold. Older individuals or young people with less robust immunity feel ill due to black mold exposure. People also feel fatigued and experience various health issues.

What Causes Black Mold?

There are numerous reasons behind indoor mold growth, including:

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  1. High Humidity
    High humidity promotes the growth of mildew. If your home regularly has a humidity level above 55%, there will be a need for mold remediation urgently.

  2. Poor Ventilation
    Often homes lack proper ventilation. It creates multiple issues, including that mold & mildew thrive in poorly ventilated room conditions. If your room or attic lacks windows or the HVAC systems in your home are not working, you might face mold problems. So, make sure your home has the necessary ventilation.

  3. Leaky Roofs or Pipes
    One of the prime reasons behind contamination is leaking roofs and pipes. We all know that mold needs water to survive. You will find mildew and spores in damp places. If your roofs develop holes or cracks, they will allow water to enter your home during storms. Similarly, burst pipes also lead to the accumulation of water. You can't prevent mold outbreaks when you don't take care of water damage in time.

  4. Poor Drainage
    Poor drainage also falls under water damage. Often drains get clogged with leaves and other foreign particles. It blocks smooth water flow. When water isn't flowing out of your home, it starts to flow inside, promoting mold.

  5. Flooding
    Flooding is the leading reason for mold growth. Flood water contains numerous germs and micro-organisms which are harmful to your life. Moreover, floods create humidity and wet surfaces. All of this increases condensation, which ultimately increases the chances of black mildew growth.

  6. Excessive Moisture
    Moist conditions are ideal for mold growth. The more moisture in your home, the higher the water content. That is what mold needs.

  7. Poor Housekeeping Habits
    Apart from flooding and moisture, your housecleaning habits also matter. If you can't maintain cleanliness in your home, it will be easier for mildew and other particles to grow in abundance. Dirty surfaces and filthy rooms are home to many viruses and fungi.

  8. Condensation
    Excessive condensation is also a culprit behind your mold problems. Higher condensation levels result in more humidity. All this ultimately leads to black mold contamination.

  9. Improperly Cured Concrete
    Be careful if there has been a recent addition of a cement structure in your home. Often moisture in cement batches does not cure evenly, resulting in black mildew spots.

  10. Damp Basements
    You should also check your basements for mold. Often basements are closed off from the rest of the house and lack ventilation. The damp conditions make it susceptible to mold contamination.

How to Remove Black Mold

Mold removal is a must. The longer you remain in the presence of mold, the higher the chances of developing health problems. In such situations, you need professional black mold removal services. Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Clifton is a reputed local business with experienced technicians who will clean mold spots in your home. But you should first schedule an appointment with a mold inspector. These inspectors determine the intensity of the problem and identify all contaminated corners. Whether it's black mold on the wall or behind it, mold inspection teams find it. Professional solutions are the best because there are zero chances of mishaps.

Some people use DIY methods to remove mold, but it is ineffective. It increases the chances of extended contamination. The worst part, mold can come back very soon. DIY solutions are not permanent solutions and do not give satisfactory results. So it's preferable to seek out professional help.

How to Prevent Black Mold Growth

Every problem has a solution. There are several ways to remove mildew, such as:

  1. Keep humidity levels low. Lower humidity levels mean lower chances of mold growth.
  2. Use a dehumidifier in high-humidity areas such as bathrooms and basements. These areas have higher moisture content and water level. So, keep a check on them.
  3. Fix any leaks or other sources of moisture in your home. If there isn't any water accumulation, you won't experience the problem.
  4. Clean up any water spills immediately to prevent mold formation. Wet surfaces provide a chance for mildew to grow.
  5. Ensure adequate ventilation in areas prone to moisture. Improved air circulation in your home reduces the chances of mold.
  6. Use a fan or open windows to circulate air in damp areas and keep them dry. You could also use an exhaust fan when showering or cooking to prevent condensation.
  7. Clean and dry any wet clothes or items quickly. Letting wet items dry inside your home, increase overall moisture content.
  8. Replace any moldy drywall or insulation. Keeping infected things increases the chances of re-contamination. Make sure you discard infected materials.
  9. Seal any water leaks around windows and doors to prevent mold growth.
  10. Install an air purifier to reduce mold spores. Air purifiers remove bacteria and mildew from your vicinity and keep it clean.
  11. Lastly, use mold-resistant paint on walls and ceilings. These are effective against mold growth.

Keep Your Home Mold-Free

Black mold growth in your home is the worst problem you could face. It destroys your home's beauty and strength. In addition, it creates health issues for you and your family. Therefore, treating mold in time is necessary. Anything could be the reason for a mold outbreak. In such circumstances, it will not take mold more than a few days to spread in every corner. So quickly resort to professional cleaners.

Opting for expert help of Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Clifton saves you from trouble and keeps your home safe. Call us now for prompt help - 973-692-6090.


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